Wednesday, 9 July 2014

GB GP - "You cannot touch this"


Qualifying 12th - congrats Marussia
107% rule - it's been a while old friend, brought out for Caterham
Overtaking - Alonso and Bottos enlivening the race
Fighting - Alonso, Vettel and Button all put in a good show


Slebs - Osborne (surprised that Coulthard recognised him given that  none of his money goes that way), Vorderman, Niomi Campbell, Fassbender, boring
Q1 - Williams and Ferrari out, poor show
Slebs - Eric Clapton is Massa's biggest fan - clearly doesn't watch much F1
Schoolboy errors - overshooting the grid slot, Alonso
Snitching - Button, Alonso and Vettel
Hamilton's hair

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