Monday, 21 July 2014

German GP - "G shift 12. Pick up rubber"


Surprising Quotes - Horner: "Red Bull would take a second row"
Female marshals
Team Radio - To Perez: "Please lift and can't rely on rain...this is the last time I'm warning you."
Secret codes - To Hamilton: "Menu Magic Button 2."  Hamilton: "I've never heard of it."
Hulkcam - swivels and everything.
"Pooer" - how Grosjean pronounces...
Retro year - can now add Kvyat on fire to V6 engines
0.0 - the time difference between Alonso and Ricciardo's finish time
Mattiacci - Kimi needs to work harder


Massa - time to retire
No awkward bit before the podium - I love the awkward bit

1 comment:

  1. Don't think it was Massa's fault, just a racing incident. Webber clearly passed his bad luck baton to him!