Monday, 8 September 2014

Italian GP - "Beautifully recovered"


Re-signing for Williams - yay!  Bottas!
Poor starts - yay!  Hamilton!
Overtaking - a great job done by Bottas
Cute phrases - "Ricciardo's made a monkey of Vettel": Gareth
Massa's first podium - for Williams
Speaking Italian - how to alienate Hamilton
Flags - "Freedom for Lombardi" and "King's Lynn"


Re-signing for Williams - oh dear!  Massa!  I assume he pays his way.
Poor starts - boo!  Bottas!  Held up by Hamilton.
Awful tyre/pitstop strategies - Williams
Feeling sorry for Alonso - a rare mechanical DNF for him but in Italy.
Halliwell - the new PCD
Alesi's Eurotrash trainers

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