Monday, 22 September 2014

Singapore GP - "Nice work...Great stuff"


Obligatory glitter-added helmets - shiny, shiny
Competitive instinct - Rosberg: "dammit"
Pre-race tension - would Rosberg's and Kvyat's cars be ready for the race?  No and yes.
Sutil - "pointless in 2014"!
Ericson - scoring you 15 points for moving up 17 places
 The result of running on bald tyres - Massa: "driving like a grandma"

Down a dark alley

Hamilton's crotch adjustment - is there nothing better to capture during qualifying?
Hamilton's tattoos - "44" behind the ear
Lack of radio - whether or not it ruins the racing, the race did seem duller without it
No more instructions of the radio - how's it planning out?  Ricciardo was told to avoid corners and Magnussen was told not to drink.  Everyone's scared of the stewards!
The Wrong Tyres - for Maldonado - why not keep going on them?
Williams' tyre strategy - wrong, again!
Bad hair days - Hamilton, Mallya
Breaking looms - what happened inside Rosberg's steering column to end his race - I know plenty of children who could spare one for him
Tantrums - Guittierrez does a Hamilton
Chavvy jewelry - Hamilton's double cherub necklace

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