Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Japan GP


Breaking news - Vettel to leave Red Bull.  Marussia's gain?
Rise of the teenagers - Kvyat to Red Bull and Verstappen lives out a 17 year old's dream
BFF - Seb and Kimi, who knew? Apparently they hang out in Zurich and travel in the same plane
The return of the gazebos
Moving to inters - inspired move by Button
Suitcases - loving the "Congratulations to 1st place" suitcases in the pre-podium room

No thank you

BBC's video game intro - even the PS addict in the hoose didn't like it
Cagoules - who travels to Japan without a waterproof?  Nige.
DC's grid walk - poor
Needy - Hamilton's calls to get the safety car in
Hair - still Hamilton
Uncertainty - with Bianchi's crash, what is the future of wet races?

1 comment:

  1. Diggin' Hamiltons hair - without sounding too gay - I'd like to ruffle my hand through it, he's like a human sonic the hedgehog; proving himself to be as good a driver as when he started in F1, but with more maturity.

    Bianchi's Crash: Maybe they could have had the safety car out when the crane is on the track (in wet conditions), though then you'd be 'bunching up' the cars (and effectively restarting the race) after every accident (in wet conditions). I wish him all the best.

    - Red Bull goes Brazil Nuts!! (I wish I had picked a better team this year - though still think red bull is a more exciting team than merc)