Sunday, 12 October 2014

Russian GP - "history in the making"


The inaugural Russian Grand Prix - say what you like about Putin but he can stage a sporting event
Russian-themed helmets - a la Vettel
Ericcson beating Massa in Q1
McLaren - rising like a phoenix from the ashes


Remembering Jules Bianchi - not saying it shouldn't be done but it appears to be mainly using hashtags and standing in a circle
Massa beaten by Ericcson in Q1
Faff for the national anthem - I don't get it, my sense of national pride is clearly not as strong as others
Slow pit lane speed limit - Hamilton had time to take both hands off the wheel mid-race to adjust his gloves
Let the drivers do the driving - message to Vettel: "Respect the beeps"
Grosjean's penalty - a poor decision by the stewards
Putin - have we had so much television coverage of any other state leaders during an F1 race?
Petrov - anyone else completely forgotten about him until this weekend?
Lauder - is taking Lewis Hamilton home in his plane..doesn't Rosberg live in Monaco too?
Sochi - the new Valencia - dull, dull, dull

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