Monday, 20 April 2015

Bahrain GP - "Get in there mate"

Smelling of rosewater

Button is running the London Marathon next weekend - I might eat a marathon in support
Sparks - looking good under the floodlights
Maldonado out of position - promised shennanigans
Radio - lots of it this race, Bernie must have had a word
Passing - lots from Rosberg and Nasr.  Hooray.
BBW - nearly giving Hamilton some grief

Covered in dust

Suzy: Jenson Button not running must: "be frustrating for Jenson Button and indeed for Jenson Button fans" - literally tens of Brits vent their frustration
Failing to get off the grid - I'm looking at you Massa
Identical twins - I can't tell the difference between the McLarens and Force India
Sauber overtaking Williams - boo
Wheels not on the wagon - Ericsson
"I don't know why we have a problem" - because you took a big detour off the track, Vettel

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