Monday, 13 April 2015

China GP - "stellar weekend"

I begin with a caveat about this banter...I was watching the BBC highlights - for the first time ever.

Waving cat

1st lap - lots of excitement
Camera action - in particular the shot of Sainz' spin from Perez' car
Women on the pit wall - at Red Bull now
Aggressive passes - go Verstappen: "If you just see a gap, you have to go for it"
ERS hot seats - a toasty bahookey for Hamilton.  This might be the only thing that makes the race at the front interesting this year, where's the thermostat?
Epic battles - Ricciardo and Ericsson, Button and Maldonado - lots of great moves
Return of the backmarkers - both Manor Marussias racing, with McLaren and Maldonado helping them out
Dancing in the car - Hamilton celebrates his win
Finishing races - go Manor Marussia!
Media training - Hamilton seems to have been on a course...articulate and interesting.

Hidden dragon

Rookie mistake - Sainz second lap spin, "don't talk in corners"
Ricciardo's start - the anti-stall kicked in, although my Mum said: "it looked like he forgot to go".  A poor race after that but he still won the points for most places made up from grid position.
Battle of the Daniels - as artificial as the grass?
The highlights edit - it is impossible to keep up with who has stopped and not.  I am suggesting a special graphic.  THEN, they showed the whole of the British anthem but cut the German.
Radio chat - it was all "don't talk to me...tell Lewis to hurry up" from Rosberg
Gear boxes - ruining races for Sainz and Hulkenberg
"Crashtor" Maldonado (copyright BBC online!) - overshot the pits and needed the marshals help to recover - on tarmac!, then a spin, then a crash (although JButt admitted fault).  A bull in China.
Anti-Button Brigade - who knew it existed?  And who knew it is spearheaded by my Mum?
Losing 8th place - shouldn't have happened to Verstappen
Anti-climax - the race end
Whinging - Rosberg overtakes Hamilton.  Also winning the prize for using the word "unnecessary" the most in one interview.
Chauvinism is still alive in F1 - DC to Suzy: "That's a good point [did you think that up yourself in your pretty, little head?]
Grosjean's English accent - what has happened?  Wyde.  Fink.

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