Monday, 22 June 2015

Austria GP - "Yeeaahh. Come on guys"


Driver pay - the pay per minute of work for the McLaren drivers must be pretty
Double spin - was anyone else wondering whether Hamilton had "done a Rosberg" in Qually?
Overtaking off the grid - cheers in the Pitstop household when Rosberg took Hamilton
16th and 17th - grid places for the Marussias!
Looking on the bright side - Button went out on Lap 9: "The good thing is that we won't let it get us down".  When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't worry, give a whistle.  And this'll help things turn out for the best...
Vettel's long pitstop - hooray for Massa and Williams
Panicky radio - so worried in the final laps
Cooling room - I'm beginning to think that there's a secret code that if Hamilton is in the cooling room, the drivers will speak anything but English


Raikkonen and Alonso off on the first lap - I really would like to have seen Kimi take the hand offered by Fernando and walk back hand in hand.
Penalties - give Honda a break or we will lose another engine supplier
Marussia's sponsors - this week AirBNB.  We will be mentioning them in the hope that this drip feed funding continues to allow new teams on to the grid
Hamilton crosses the white pit exit line - triggers the classic comment from Brundle: "one of the fundamental basics of not breaking the rules"
Swearhard Berger's podium interview - no jacket, swore, a little tired and emotional?  Old School F1.

Finally, is it just me or do Mercedes seem happier when Rosberg wins?

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