Monday, 8 June 2015

Canada GP - "..."

As tasty as maple syrup

Qualifying - well done Lotus
Sailing past - that's everyone...past Alonso.  Who branded his team amateurs.  When he finishes his racing career, he's going to be a motivational speaker.
Massa  - nominated for his overtaking
Beavers on track - Bernie's latest idea for spicing up the racing
TFI Friday - sponsored Manor Marussia but not spotted until Mehri's retirement. 
Stevens' voice - first time we've ever heard it
Podium for Williams - hurrah

Moose poo

Qualifying - what is going on Massa, Vettel, Button?
Rain dance - how to make the race more interesting
Matching red shirts and white trousers - that's a look DC and EJ
Too many grid penalties - for once I agree with No Vices Now
Nemesis - Vettel and Alonso apparently...I doubt either would agree
Vettel's slow pit stop - where was all this bad luck when we needed it a couple of years ago?
"Hot rear caliper" - is that painful or sexy?
Grosjean - if a penalty was ever deserved...
McLaren's form - even Williams' dip wasn't so low
Ted Kravitz doing the podium interviews - a cult following in Canada maybe?

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