Monday, 7 September 2015

Italy GP - "Don't ask questions. Just execute"

Mighty roar from the crowd

Button in the points for much of the race - what madness is this?
Lapping by Lap 3 - this could make for a more interesting race
Angry Toto - bringing a little excitement to the end of the race
Speaking Italian - Unit 2 Moving Beyond "Thank you" - Massa gives Vettel a lesson

Boos at the podium

Coffee machine bonus - if I was Hulkenberg or even Mehri, I would be expecting more from my F1 career
Taps aff - Verstappen and his Red Bull respond in a very Scottish way to the sunshine
A blonde moment - oh dear
Grid penalties - I agree with Brundle, they should lose points or have some other penalty because this just ruins races
Stalling on the grid - I was out and about on Sunday lunchtime but I was sure I could hear screaming and shouting in the air about 1 o'clock, I should have guessed it was I Monza Brink of Insanity
Out by the third lap - both Lotuses, even the receivers don't want them
Damn the undercut - how did Rosberg overtake Bottas and Massa?
It was all shaping up to be a good race three laps in... - and then it wasn't
Alonso's retirement - and he was a shoo-in for 14th
Fans cheering - as Rosberg's engine blew
Tense moment on the podium - everyone held their breath as we waited to see whether bananas were going to be thrown - Vettel diplomatically stepped in

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