Monday, 21 September 2015

Singapore GP - "You're great. You're magic."

Sparkling under the lights

Di Resta presenting on Sky - "turn 11 is followed by turn 12", VERY clammy Scotsman abroad
Exiting the pit lane - presenting the most excitement for most of the race - Massa and Hulkenberg, Alonso and Grosjean
Deception - Toro Rosso were leading us to believe they were having a dreadful race, then...
Mechanical failures - hooray, for Hamilton at last
Overtakes - in particular, Rossi overtaking Hamilton, not what he expected from his first F1 race
Reliability - what could Manor Marussia do if they had this year's Ferrari engine?
Multi 21 - Verstappen doesn't give the position back to Sainz, what you get when you employ a teenager

Down a dark alley

RIP Red Bull? - it's a Ferrari engine or nothing for them next year
Button's retirement - it's McLaren or nothing for him next year
Button's lengthy pitstop - a world record?
Tyre PSI chat - and we didn't think the tyre chat could get any worse
"Try HTT 391" - I struggle to change the radio station whilst driving
Throwing away a golden opportunity to score points - Williams
Man on track - not sure how the Beeb covered this but Sky spent a couple of minutes going "not sure why a safety car has been called...hmm...can't see any reason", whilst a shot of a man walking along the track was aired
Crofty - as Button drove into Maldonado and lost his front wing: "looks like severe front wing damage"!
Throwing away a golden opportunity to score points - in their "third best opportunity to score points this season", McLaren retire from 12th and 14th (what a lot of points they missed out on)
Gearbox problems - ruining or contributing to a great race?

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