Monday, 16 November 2015

Brazil GP - "yeah guys, awesome" "strap 30, when you can"

Rosberg won this one at Qualifying and it seems fair to say this was the most boring race since the rein of Vettel.  Was the reason behind this an inability to overtake at Brazil?  (Although points to Verstappen for his overtaking.)  Or was the reason that Hamilton had a fever and crashed his (road) car earlier in the week because he was "tired" (and emotional?)?  The BBC were far too nicey nicey with their coverage and I spent a lot of the race wondering if I would be better informed if I was watching Sky.  The high points were Alonso and Button's podium antics on Saturday and male clapping ladies.  The low points include early departures for Alonso and Sainz and Massa being disqualified for having incorrect something with his tires.  Fingers crossed that Abu Dhabi can bring better.

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