Monday, 2 November 2015

Mexico GP - "Excellent job"


Stadium section  - the atmosphere came through the TV screen
Instructional radio - to Ericcson: "Try and use the new tyre grip in all areas".  To Hamilton: "...Instruction."
226.8mph - Massa on the straight, I can't comprehend driving that first (stop sniggering Baby Pitstop's Change Crew)
Revenge - best served like gazpacho, Bottas gets back at Raikkonen
Slo mo shots - in particular of Rosberg's pit stop.  So much detail to see.
More radio - to Hamilton: "Do you need a flap adjust?"


Missing qualification - a new low for Button, although he did score 15 points for making the most places up on the grid
Sergiomania - "And Checo takes a sip of water...."
From bad to bratwurst - for Vettel
Sombreros on the podium - a hat too far
Viva Mexico - Mansell runs out of things to say

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