Monday, 21 March 2016

Australia - "Great tyres. Great start to the season"


Glittery helmets - Wehrlein
Going on the B in bang - amazing starts from the Ferrari drivers
Cockpits - amazing safety.  Alonso's crash was heart-stopping
Tyre strategy - nearly made the race interesting
Timmy Mallet - the best celeb McLaren could muster
Angus commentary - comments included "big cash" (way before the Alonso event), "working", "racey cars gone" and "funny" (seeing the fire extinguisher from Raikkonen's on board cam)
Haas - excellent result for the newcomer
Intra-team scraps - Verstappen vs. Sainz is shaping up nicely
Booing - Ozzies booing Hamilton on the podium, not sure why


New qualifying format - I think everyone is in agreement...
15 week gap - between the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  Really?  It was much longer than that.

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