Saturday, 19 March 2016

Fantasy Formula 1 2016 - The Teams

Chris: Three teams, one dream: Nasr, Ericcson, Mercedes, Williams, (Australia)
Gareth: Put out to Pastor: Vettel, Bottas, Renault, Haas, (Italy)
Joe: Hippy F1: Hamilton, Verstappen, Renault, Toro Rosso (GB)
David: Claire has to type this sentence each time as my team name: Sainz Jr, Wehrlein, Williams, Mercedes (Austria)
Adam: Merc-redible Hulk: Hulkenberg, Massa, Toro Rosso, Mercedes, (Canada)
John: No Vices Now: Rosberg, Wehrlein, Williams, Marussia, (Belgium)
Susan: Indiana Walker and the Tyres of Doom: Vettel, Nasr, Toro Rosso, Force India (Brazil)
Malcolm: The Maranello Marvels: Raikkonen, Perez, Ferrari, Sauber (Italy)
Claire: The Pitstop Princess: Massa, Verstappen, Mercedes, Toro Rosso (US)
Phil: The Hopefuls: Hamilton, Magnussen, Force India, Marussia (GB)
Stephen: Halo, it's me: Bottas, Nasr, Toro Rosso, Mercedes (Italy)
Laura: Beauty & the F1 Geek: Rosberg, Bottas, Toro Rosso, Sauber (Austria)
Alistair: BogOffBernie: Magnussen, Wehrlein, Williams, Mercedes (China)
Mark: Weak End of Bernie: Verstappen, Kvyat, Mercedes, Toro Rosso (Spain)
Richard: Marian's Marvels: Rosberg, Button, Renault, Marussia (Japan)
Lisa: British Racing Green: Vettel, Massa, Williams, Toro Rosso (GB)


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    1. I think it's going to be much more interesting in FF1 this year, between Williams and Toro Rosso choices, not to mention the variety of drivers chosen... We'll see which drivers are taking it to the MAX, and who HAASn't quite made the grade. : )

      Still - it's not good to dwell on the Pastor - all the best for 2016 everyone (in FF1 and in life)!!

      'Claire has to type this sentence each time as my team name'
      Aka Kamikaze Kobayashi