Monday, 4 April 2016

Bahrain GP - "Yeah, awesome guys"

Speeding forwards

"Arlee" - the new name for Lee Mackenzie.  How are we feeling about Steve Jones?
Qualifying mistakes - very excited after Hamilton's.  Led us to hope that this new format would lead to good races.
Shouting "It's Hamilton!"- as you realise that's who Bottas touched in the first corner
Dummy practice starts - Rosberg's warm up lap start fooled Hamilton into starting much too slow!
Pit lane cameras - great views
Close racing - a great race for overtakes (DRS or otherwise)
Haas - not a fluke then...

Colliding in the first corner

C4 diversity policy - no English presenters on their coverage
#sexylap - really Lewis?
Hamilton's tweets - "nothing but love and respect for this culture [and the human rights issues surrounding them]
Warm up lap engine failure- Vettel's smoky engine gave another sign that this race might fall flat
Confusion - why did both Renault's start in the pits?
It's raining car parts - there weren't that many collisions

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