Tuesday, 19 April 2016

China GP - "The most incredible balance I've probably ever had [in a car]"

Going up

Old(er) qualifying format returns - much better and a shaken-up grid...
Hamilton out Q1 - great news for everyone
Lap 4 safety car - giving us some great racing and overtaking when it went in, really shook things up
Hulkenberg - provided some of the entertainment during the race.  He got fastest lap and this quality radio dialogue: "I really think we should consider the alternative strategy."  Engineer: "We're already on it."
Ricciardo overtakes Hamilton - a great move on Lap 43
Chinese crowd - cheering Ferrari all the way round

Going down

Helmut Marko - prophesying doom for the Red Bull drivers during the race: "we can't keep up."
Ruining a good race - it looked like the Lap 1 Ferrari collision was going to rule out some decent viewing
Ricciardo's puncture - as above
Radio snitching - Vettel
Too much tyre chat - with three choices I'd hoped there would be less
Bottas - gave up his 8th place on the penultimate lap.  I thought he was a fighter.
Whinging - Vettel

Lastly a note on Driver of the Day: Grosjean won the vote for the last two races but this one...Kvyat.

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