Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Baku GP - "You did it in style there"

Firstly, apologies for the late posting of results.  Our internet provider had trouble with providing internet "to most of Scotland" yesterday.


Mistakes - not enough of them during the race to make it really interesting but at least Hamilton gave it a go during Qualifying 3.  Also - no safety cars.
Third podium step treats - Bottas last week and Perez this week.  Giving us all hope of the racing getting better and better.


Hoardings - not sure who their PR is but there is something "lost in translation" about "Well done Baku" and "Baku welcomed us all"
First lap disappointment - no crashes!
Incisive analysis: Bedward: "Karun, is this a good time to pit?"  Karun: "Time will tell".
Poor strategies - I'm not condoning cheating in F1 but surely some sort of coded message could have been arranged before the race?  Perhaps "I can't tell you." means yes and "I can't say." means no.  Just putting it out there.
Does Baku deserve a race? - empty grandstands I can understand when they are expensive (yes) or the track is in the back of beyond (no) but empty balconies too?

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