Monday, 13 June 2016

Canada GP - "Get in there pal"

Maple syrup

Killer starts - Vettel up, Rosberg down
"Take it easy Kimi" - I can't imagine people have to say this often to the most horizontal man in F1
"I stop now?...argh!  A point" - and Alonso didn't get one either.
Defense - pronounced the American sporting way with a hard "D".  Verstappen keeping Rosberg in check.
A good strategy - at last Williams have come up trumps

Carob blend

Di Resta - Brundle away following a "small procedure".  I was very worried about the grid walk but they skipped it fortunately.
3,000 laps led - a new milestone for Mercedes.  Who started counting this one?  (James Allen?)
Di Resta - also nominated for pronouncing it "Will-yums"
Fuel - how did no one run out of fuel given that there was no safety car?  I am appalled by the abundance of planning and forethought.  This is not why I tune in to F1.
Wall of Champions - didn't claim anyone during the race.  This is not why I tune in to the Canada GP.
Final lap spin - Rosberg, you idiot.  He fought but he just didn't have what it takes to overtake.  And you can overtake at Canada even without DRS.  It does put some perspective on the Rosberg/Hamilton question.  Although he didn't lose a place.
Quoting Mohammed Ali - must be the new cupcakes and rainbow unicorns by now
Seagulls - apparently if you spend time looking at the seagulls whilst driving an F1 car, you risk locking up.  Even is you are a four times world champion.

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