Monday, 4 July 2016

Austria GP

A caffeine high

Wehrlein - started 13th and finished 10th.  A great drive all weekend.  Proving, with Verstappen, that the young have it all.
Button - shouting for the oldies
Overtaking - a few good 'uns including Rosberg on Verstappen.  Lots of comment in the press today about the new "Ruthless Rosberg"

A sugar crash

Leiderhosen suits - lower than the Superman capes
Pit lane starts - for Massa it was a case of kicking a man when he's down
Kvyat - it was a complete waste of an evening rebuilding that Toro Rosso
Footage of the helicopter - appreciated by Angus and other Govan Helicopter Aficionados but that's all
Lap 67 - or the cursed lap - Hulkenberg, Massa and Alonso all retired
What is Toto thinking? - the preferred shot for coverage directors when it is all happening on track
Frustration - I watch and enjoy a whole race only for it to be ruined on the last lap
Tyre failures - I could take them all until it was Perez.  It's not how we want race results decided.
The podium - firstly, who was that?  Who takes a notebook with them out?  My German is nothing to yodel about but it must be embarrassing when you are interviewing an 18 year old in English and their mastery of the language is considerably better than yours.  Also, boos for Hamilton - at last!  Also, someone has told Kimi that he must speak more in interviews so now he rambles on incoherently.  The Aging Playboy option.

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