Monday, 11 July 2016

Britain GP - "Thank you so much for your continued support"

Theresa May

Lap 5 pit lane chaos - how was no-one awarded an unsafe release?
Williams pit crew helmet-cam - they appear to nod and the wheel is changed
Verstappen's overtake on Rosberg - confirming that my decision to back Verstappen this year will pay off
Crowds - if the other circuits can't match this, they shouldn't get a race
Big spins - Sainz and Alonso in particular
Raikkonen's contract renewal - he's doing okay but...
Most radio we've heard all year - although it was "Chassis default setting 1...Avoid 7th gear".  Which isn't riveting
Boos for Rosberg - bit embarrassing

Boris Johnson

Squeezing Chris Hoy's thighs - !
Spice Girls - raising so many questions
Yay for rain - boo for safety car starts
Nearly crashing into the safety car - Hamilton
Three wheels on his wagon - Palmer.  I notice he's not being hailed as the next Great British Driver.
McLaren overtaking Williams - oh no!

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