Monday, 29 August 2016

Belgium GP - "Awesome result"

A race that has to be written about in prose...

Following an artificially exciting qualifying, the track and grid combined promised a great race.  And many times did I need to rewatch that start?!  Rosberg went off like lightening, I thought Verstappen was in the lead for a while.  How did Vettel keep going after that shunt?  Next, Sainz blew a tyre: E for effort in trying to get that car back to the pits.  The F1 bleeper editor was working overtime although missed a big F from Sainz and then some more from Raikkonen in a couple of laps time.  Next, we saw Raikkonen's car on fire, cue the puns.  DC contributed: "gone up in smoke".  I needed the virtual safety car on Lap 3 to catch my breath.  Next thing I knew, Button was being interviewed on Lap 5.  Just as I was wondering why was Massa up in the top 5 and then suddenly 13th on lap 6, Magnussen completely smashed the tyre wall to smithereens.  He was limping but okay but I don't think I've ever seen the insides of a car like that.  With the race red-flagged, I was amazed to discover that Alonso was in 4th place.  Bedward reported that a Williams mechanic was "slightly injured" - he had dislocated his knee.  Bedward is the Black Knight of F1.  As the race unfolded that action lessened, Raikkonen really brought the racing (and the swearing) and it doesn't seem fitting that he finished with only 2 points.  The action switched to the pit lane with Hamilton suffering a poor tyre change then Alonso and Hulkenberg battling it out.

At the end of the race, I felt that if Rosberg hadn't have won this race, he really wouldn't be a fitting world champion.  The booing was unnecessary though.

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