Monday, 1 August 2016

Germany GP - "Get in there Lewis, beautiful start"

This post is guest-written by Put Out to Pastor.  Although based on his FF1 score this year, I have no idea why you should pay any heed to this man's Formula 1 based ramblings.

For a race that had lots of on-track, non-DRS passes, and no toddler interrupting it, I struggled to find much of real interest:


  • Pit Stop Princes - Blisteringly fast tyre changes are all Williams having going for them at the moment.
  • Return of Radio - Allowing Vettel to overrule the team on strategy... Who says the wall coaches the drivers?
  • Feeling Bullish - Never thought I'd be happy to see Red Bull returning as a challenger.


  • Rotten Rosberg - Another poor start costs him and he frightened poor little Max.
  • Blue flag Gutierrez - Red Bull to Danny Ric: "He's doing it to everyone, he's not just picking on you".
  • Grid walk (Sky) a celeb-free zone - Did anyone else feel slightly awkward at Mick Schumacher kicking about?
  • Media located in Hamilton's backside - Why do they love him? Everything he does makes me cringe ("I'm fricking sweating so much")

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