Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Austria GP - "Thank you. That was good."

I have seven lines of comment in my jotter for this race which saw first, second and third on the grid finish in that order.  Really, I'm glad I put off watching the end of the race in order to see Muller beat Nadal.

Horner tried his best to beef up the Austrian race by wearing lederhosen; they dampened the atmosphere unlike the rain we were promised.  Sky couldn't even manage an interesting grid walk: Palmer and Kvyat.  Verstappen foresaw it all and went for an early bath (I assume with duckies and extra bubbles), as his lap one, turn one exit made it five retirements out of seven races.  Alonso tried to jolly up the radio transmission with: "They cannot play bowling."  Magnussen tried harder by dropping the F bomb, FoM must have thought the excitement which only swearing on daytime TV brings was needed as they failed to bleep it out.

The only person who seems genuinely excited by the race was Ricciardo, as he grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat to have third  place on the podium.  I can only imagine it was because he beat Hamilton to it.  FYI Hamilton scores both fastest lap and most places made up (three) for this race.  If Hamilton is bringing the action, it's a dull race.

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