Thursday, 20 July 2017

British GP - "Lovely job"

It's July, it's the British Grand Prix, it's time to find the keys to the crypt and drag out Murray Walker.  Talking of "blast from the past": Louise Goodman!

Qualifying for this race was just as interesting as the race really.  Red Bull's problem with reliability continues to dog them; they can't even get both cars through Q1 (it says a lot when Horner predicts Vettel or Hamilton to win).  The huge cheer from the crowd as Alonso made pole in Q1 was brilliant too.

There was much excitement as Cars 3 was trailed in the paddock, although it had petered out by the time Owen Wilson took to the podium.

There were other disappointments.  Bedward said: "You have to feel for Palmer.  He doesn't have all the upgrades Hulkenberg has." or the skills.  Both Toro Rosso cars went out on lap 2.  I'm sure this would have been big news if they were further up the pit lane and excited montages about "The Rivalry" compiled but who gets worked up about Kvyat these days?

One of the enjoyable parts of the race isn't what you saw but what you heard.  The crowd cheering is great and there was some good radio too.  From Bottas': "minimal talking" to Grosjean's "so stupid, unbelievable" at his own mistake.

It got more confusing towards the end.  Raikkonen's tyre shredding three laps from the end avoided any awkwardness when he would have been asked to move over for Vettel.  Then Vettel punctured his tyre, just as he passed the pit lane entrance.  Still, it's tight at the top and I think we're set for some more close racing this season...

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