Monday, 9 October 2017

Japan GP - "Lovely managed race"

Well, lap 1 was quite exciting.  Ocon got to third!  Raikkonen lost places...hopefully to produce some exciting racing later on....Sainz went rallying (for his last Toro Rosso race).  We learnt twenty year olds have no fear.  And Vettel had spark plug problems...ending the hopes for any exciting racing later.

On lap 11, Ricciardo produced a great overtake.  Horner coached him: "brave it out...good boy".  That was the radio catchphrase, all the engineers were praising their "good boys" or prize whippets.

It wasn't long after that that Bottas and Hamilton swapped places.  Where do you stand?  And does it matter anymore?  Perez and Ocon geared up for a fight but were held back too.

Stroll "brought out" the third Virtual Safety Car on lap 47.  Did they do much to spice up the race?

There was some worry on lap 51 of 53 when Hamilton complained about vibrations.  I'm not sure why the team didn't message back telling him to suck it up.

At the very end, Alonso ignored blue flags to hold up Verstappen's change against Hamilton.  Now he's 59 points clear with four races left to go.  I'm really looking forward to all the "if Hamilton finishes...and if Vettel finishes..."

Finally, I think Mo Farah might have been at the race.

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