Monday, 2 October 2017

Malaysia GP - "Great start to a new decade (for you)"

It wasn't a bad race.  The start looked unpromising with Vettel at the back of the grid and Raikkonen wheeled off with a poorly motor but Verstappen overtook Hamilton on Lap 4 and it was Game On.  Gasly did a good job replacing Kvyat and there was lots of overtaking up and down the field.  Team radio keeps on giving.  Hulkenberg was told: "stopping is not an option".  That's F1 101.  Press the Red Button for Vettel's own race commentary: "Come on Alonso, I thought you were better than that."  Ricciardo was advised: "You've broken Vettel's spirit...he's run out of tyres".  Spirit and tyres being intrinsically linked.

Something went awry between Vettel and Stroll on the cool down lap, perhaps Vettel had received the surprising news that he is Driver of the Day?  He got a lift back from Wehrlein; the only way Wehrlein is going to get any TV coverage.

The podium was unsightly too.  Hamilton took his shoes off (?!) and Webber was allowed up without a suit jacket on (this is what we base podium interviewer guesses on.)

I'm not sure if this was picked up by the TV production teams but it was Verstappen's 20th birthday (which makes me feel very old) and it might have been the last race in Malaysia?

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