Sunday, 4 April 2010

Malaysia - "Is that sweet or is that sweet?"

Qualifying set the stage for a race full of overtaking with Massa, Alonso, Button and Hamilton out after the first session and at the back of the grid. As Hamilton said, they're a team and they win together and they lose together and qualifying was losing together. So, yawn, the Red Bulls were 1 and 3 but Rosberg was almost one second faster and six places ahead than his team mate.

Williams qualified well, setting them up to return to their old ways of throwing it all away in the race. The old man stalled on the grid.

So, the race, Bernie said that if it doesn't rain he wants his money back. Well, the Malaysian government will have their chequebook out then. Nevertheless it was still a good race.

Schumi finished the race with a "three wheely car", does this make him the Del Boy of the pitlane? More Mercedes news: how is it possible to change tyres in 3.9 seconds? It took me longer to type that.

At at the end of the race, Massa leads the championship. What? How? 2nd, 5th and 7th. Vettel skipped to the podium but it seems unfair that he's not leading the championship or Webber, who looked fuming in the press conference. A perfect podium? Well other than the flags being wrong - turns out Roberg is Australian and Webber a German.

Rosberg said he was very happy to give Mercedes their first podium. I am very happy it was him too, given the alternative. He seems to be raising a smile on Ross Brawn's face unlike his team mate. If there are no results for Schumacher after China, four races in, what will he do? Here's hoping it's something spectacular.

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