Sunday, 18 April 2010

China - "We really had that one"

A tale of hero to zero at China. Red Bull pulled out a Williams-style performance taking a front-row lock-out and trashing it. Despite discussion about the Mercedes now being tailored for Schumacher, Rosberg still trounced him - retire, old man.

It was delightful that the volcano kept Eddie Jordan in the UK, Christian Horner felt it was like Ant without Dec. Ah, that perennial question, who is the most annoying?

The weekend had got off to a spectacular start with Buemi losing both front tyres simultaneously: "From the car it was not a problem. I just lost both wheels." Following a reasonably exciting qualifying, the word on the radio from the Red Bull was: "Who needs ride height control anyway?" Answer: the Red Bulls. As the race progressed it was very much, pick a tyre, any tyre. Alonso (and some others) spent most of the race in the pits.

There's 3 long weeks (they'll be shorter for some of us than others) until the next race. It will be in Spain, unless it's in China. And note that the league results might change as I await the stewards' verdicts on the various racing incidents.


  1. Volcanic ash may have kept EJ off our screens, but we could still hear him and, frankly, his appearance isn't half as irritating as the crap he spouts. What we need is volcanic ash to selectively bugger any microphone that goes anywhere near him.

    But the Gold medal for being an utter crapmeister still, and for evermore, belongs to Jonathan Bloody Ledgard. Annoyance is turning into real hatred for this muppet.

    Did anybody read his answers to viewer's questions last week on the BBC F1 site? He had the bloody temerity to pretend that he a) prepares beforehand and, b) has anything more than a passing familiarity with what he's watching every other Sunday.

  2. Um, no one else watnting to comment on Hippy F1 reading Jonathan Ledgard answers on the BBC F1 website?

  3. Now that's not fair - it's not like I'm actually interested in the man at all - but he leads an exciting life - there's always the outside chance he'll say something interesting or relevant - if only by dumb accident.

    Incidentally, and I think it's a terrific shame, but I think it's only really you and I that go in for this 'commenting'. We get the occasional input from Laura but I don't think she's really in F1 mode right now - I think she's more interested in shutting down Icelandic volcanoes and diverting ash clouds away from her brother's flight path.