Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spain - "What a perfect weekend"

Well, the pole-sitter has gone on to win the last 10 races at Spain now, so the race outcome was fairly predictable. Making it far more interesting to see what Williams could do with their abysmal qualifying results. Ledgard described these as "shabby", which is the pot calling the kettle black. Qualifying also gave us a shot of Nick Heidfeld sat in the garage - remember him? I think I thought he was possibly still racing in F1, such little impact he made to the sport.

As has been predicted, Rosberg has finally been shafted by Schumacher, with Mercedes completely redesigning and rebuilding the car to suit Schumacher not Rosberg. It was a grim inevitability but this is what you get for leaving Williams. When he watches the race back he will be delighted to see how much coverage there was of his battle with the new Nico in Williams, for 15th and 16th positions.

The main chat about the race was all about left-hand adjustments / in-car driver hand movements, which are where the driver "uses their arm to cover an orifice" (Nick Fry). Or their knee. Thrilling. F1: where top-level motorsport meets one-man-bandery.

At the end of the race, Hamilton's hate-hate relationship with Spain came to fruition when he gifted homeboy Alonso second place when his tyre collapsed. Perhaps he should just miss this race annually?

And so we move on to Monaco, where Red Bull's supreme qualifying and race pace looks set to ensure another procession. Too many cars will be trying to squeeze onto too little track, those 6 new cars are going to have a blast trying to figure out how to stay on the track and out of the way at the same time. I wonder how Schumi is planning to cheat there this year?

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