Sunday, 30 May 2010

Turkey Talk - "We pushed them and they cracked"

This was always a four horse race, we didn't anticipate the four horses turning on each other. As I type F1 geeky sorts are getting terrifically excited about the possibility that there were dark manoeuvrings in each team to promote one driver over the other. All sparked by driver mumblings on the podium.

If you're interested in the progress of McLaren or Red Bull it was a fairly interesting race to watch; if you're interested in the progress of Williams, you may as well have switched off. Roll on Canada. Although the Hulk did some nifty overtaking at the start of the race. There were a couple of false starts, action-wise, with rain expected imminently and arrived never and the potential of the McLarens running out of fuel and didn't. What did happen were some great team tangles. And I thought "Save fuel, same for both cars" was code for no overtaking, hold positions.

All this led to some very glum faces on the podium, where we got to see just how wee Hamilton is next to Button. Further curiosity ignited when Hamilton and Webber whispered during Button's interview. How rude! Show me how beautifully you can listen, please!

Red Bull boss, Horner, was largely "disappointed" and felt they had "handed 43 points on a plate to McLaren". McLaren boss, Whitmarsh, felt there was too much cuddling of the person who delivered that plate du jour. Further afield, Alonso and Massa had boring races. They clearly feel that a better car should be delivered to them rather than they pull their fingers out and get racing.

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