Sunday, 30 May 2010

Turkey Caption Competition

Now I have more time on my hands, I thought the caption competition should rear it's ugly head again? What are Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber saying to each other? Please post entries as a comment.


  1. "Strewth mate, team mates!"
    "Yeah, I wanted Heikki for another season."

  2. "Yeah Mark, I know. But the problem you have is that you're the number 2 in your team. I mean, who does (Current World Champion) Jenson Button think he is?"


    "Yeah, I seem to be having trouble with mine too!"

  3. Hey Mark, look behind you. The Pitstop Princess's otherwise super-duper site is still showing 0 days to Turkey.

    Aaaah shit mate, your right. Now I don't know when I need to fly to Canada. (Strewth, blimey etc)

    (Speech bubble from out of shot) Yes, I too choose The Pitstop Princess for all my up to date F1 requirements.

  4. Actually, "Corpus Christi - Trimble" said...

    "Yeah, she's completely embarrassing. I was so distracted by her histrionics that I didn't notice Button until he was past me. I'm beginning to think that i should remove the in-car-entertainment system completely..."

  5. "Corpus Christi - Trimble" again. I can't work blog comments, by the looks of it.

    "Button's the least of my worries, Skeletor. If I can't figure a way to beat you and the Milky Bar Kid, then no more watch adverts for me..."

  6. Final one from "Corpus Christi - Trimble"...

    "Can't believe how much the pit stop cost me. Next time i'll just not bother with fuel..."