Sunday, 16 May 2010

Monaco - "Unbelievable"

I always had a hunch that Webber would win this race, he nearly did for Williams many moons ago. Williams do not seem to have much luck in the principality. When the safety car was deployed for the third time, I thought: "Well, it can't be a Williams this time". It was definitely a Williams Special today:, qualify very well, one car drops out quickly but other does better giving me much hope, then that one fails too. This is why I never choose Williams for my FF1 team, no I pinned all my hopes on Alonso doing well at Monaco. The message is: "If you find out that I've picked you for my team, just quit now whilst you're ahead and go rallying for a year."

As predicted in my last race post, Schumacher was truly back to his old wily ways. Firstly, blaming the lovely Nico Rosberg for ruining his first qualifying run and then just plain overtaking under the safety car. Fortunately, Damon Hill was on hand in the role of former-driver-steward. How he must have rubbed his hands and chuckled. Revenge is a dish best served with champagne.

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