Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spain Charts

Chart of Lust

1. Webber - partly due to his race-winning ways and partly at the request of Mrs Hippy F1
2. (re-entry) Adrian Newey - what can I do to lure you back to Williams?
3. (new entry) Spaniards - two in the top ten. F1 Reporting 101 - always remind the reader that Mansell said that a home crowd gives you an advantage of 1 second
4. (new entry) RBS - branding completely covered the Williams Pit Wall, if this is where our tax money goes I might start paying it again
5. (down 1) Clouds of ash - this time keeping Coulthard in Monaco and off our screens

Chart of Loathing

1. (re-entry) BBC coverage - today we groan at the trite footage of Button going back to the town he grew up in
2. (re-entry) Whinging - Button not Hamilton this time. Why Jenson? It was Lewis whose tyre collapsed on the penultimate lap not you, who trapsed around behind a has-been.
3. (down 2) Facial furniture - doesn't Lewis read this blog?
4. (new entry) Telephones - enabling those stranded by clouds of ash to still contribute to F1 coverage
5. (new entry) Processional races - leaving me struggling for things to fill charts with

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