Sunday, 11 July 2010

Silverstone Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (new entry) Intra-team tension - how intriguing, these team mate rivalries might really liven things up for the second half of the season, if only the Pitstop Princess could wave a magic wand and really stir things up between Vettel and Webber.
2. (re-entry) Sutil - why? For overtaking Schumi, of course. Again.
3. (new entry) Sunshine - how lovely for those down South, ah I remember those golden days when I too could enjoy it (last week!).
4. (new entry) 10-17 year contract for Silverstone - means potentially I may attend again.
5. (re-entry) Adrian Newey - he really is quite clever methinks.

Chart of Loathing

1. (new entry) Stewards - on behalf of Ferrari - boooooooo.
2. (new entry) EJ's purple trousers - mocked by one and all.
3. (re-entry) Bitter Twist of Fate - punctures all round for Vettel and Massa and a couple of potentially good battles rescheduled for another race.
4. (down 3) Whinging - he got the wing I wanted, my drive-through penalty is unfair, grump, grump, storm off.
5. (re-entry) Austrian national anthem - it must be a little galling for the entire Red Bull F1 outfit and their visiting families to be deemed Austrian.

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