Thursday, 8 July 2010

Goodwood Festival of Speed Report

or What I Did on My Holidays
Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed to celebrate the 70th birthday of Chew Chew Joe. It was good. I mainly spent my time booing Lewis Hamilton and any car driven by Schumacher and cheering all the Williamses.

Here is Hamilton doing doughnuts to try and please a crowd that, despite the tannoy man's best efforts, would not cheer him.

I also did a bit of spying. Lotus unveiled a new aerodynamic feature on their car.

A pair of lovely ladies, who apparantly increase downforce.

Struggling to cope with paying Schumacher's salary, the Mercedes management had limited choice when selecting a test driver.

Ferrari took the opportunity of some track time to test one of their older models. They have decided to race it for the rest of the season as it was quicker than their current car.
And finally a picture of the current Williams. Oh, no, sorry, it's too quick to catch on film.

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