Saturday, 9 October 2010

Competition & Apologies

As I write from London, I write with a contrite heart. I have left the pen drive with the FF1 spreadsheet back in Glasgow. So there won't be any results up until Thursday, at least.

However, I will still post the commentary and here is a competition to keep your spirit's up:

Question: With rain postponing qualifying, what other methods could the FIA use to order drivers on the grid?

Answers: Length of beard? Length of service? Canoe? Paper boat design?

Please post any of your answers as a comment.


  1. A competition with one laughably easy question like 'This weekend's Grand Prix is being held in: A - Japan, B - The Antarctic, C - Outer space', plus finish this sentence in ten words or fewer - 'I should be on pole position for tomorrow's race because...'

  2. Snail racing...
    ...Because then Lotus, Vigin, Hispania et al may have a chance at a decent qualifying.
    Lord of the Wings

  3. Number of mistresses (and in the event of a tie, proportional attractiveness of said mistresses to F1 driver)