Monday, 11 October 2010

Japanese Joshing - "Woo hoo. Yes"

With the Scots taking over Formula 1 coverage this weekend, I'm very surprised that DC and Jordan did not behave more like kids with a supply teacher and seemed to reach consensus on every issue. The lovely Lee Mackenzie provided a refreshing change from the eager puppy dog Jake Humphries and gave him a masterclass on how to fill two hours of live television about the rain (I suppose she is uniquely qualified, being one of the aforementioned Scots) without getting in anybody's way at all. There's plenty to look forward to coming up on the Beeb's coverage through, Brundle tells us: "We have a very interesting feature coming up on wheelnuts".

It was another Grand Prix where Williams started very well (top 5 in Q1) and slowly slid further down the order as the weekend progressed but we closed the gap to Force India, despite Petrov's best efforts.

Hamilton's run of bad luck continued in Japan, losing third gear during the race. Where did you last use it dear? Schumi continues to play second fiddle to the lovely Rosberg, unable to overtake him, even with team orders on his side. As we return to the dull days of Red Bull One-Twos, it looks like the racing is set to be boring for the remainder of the season. Alonso believes that podiums (podia?) will be enough to win the championship and everyone else will be too scared to do any daring does in case they end up DNF. Let's hope Kubica, Massa, Rosberg, Barrichello or any other outsider suddenly has a surge of form and makes it interesting.

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