Tuesday, 26 July 2011

German GP - "Great job....keep pushing"

I'm going to keep this posting brief, as I am typing with my left hand owing to right shoulder breakage at the weekend. Sorry to disappoint as I am sure you were expecting some half way trough the season report.
First key point to note is that the last non-Red Bell pole was a Williams. Secondly, why no mention of the Renault deal? Thirdly, why did it take the Beeb so many laps to realise that Barrichello had retired?
Quote of the weekend goes to Alguasauri who, on the grid, told Brundle "This is one of those races where you need to stay on the track."
All in all it seemed to be a bad day at the office for most. Being in Germany gave DC and Brundle the chance to reminisce about all of DC's past failings and to constantly correct how DC is pronouncing "Vettel". WITH ONE L. The Germans did noy fare well at thheir home track. Webber and Massa continue to show that it doesn't matter what they or anyone else does, they are going to be also-rans.
Post-race shennigans were also enjoyablw with Webber giving Alonso a lift old-style and Hamilton hugging people who clearly did not want him in their personal space.

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