Sunday, 10 July 2011

Silverstone GP - "It's a fantastic day Fernando"

Murray Walker introduced the race weekend commenting that Hamilton was ever more "despondant and depressed", well if he chose those words for Hamilton, what is left to describe how Webber is feeling now? FoM TV need to develop a split-screen for times like the last laps where we needed to see both the Massa-Hamilton battle and and Vettel-Webber one. After the winner's team radio was aired, for some reason the director felt we should hear the fourth placed driver too, which was a pep talk to the team from Pipsqueak, who may finally be getting the hang of PR.

I hope everyone did better than I with the new layout of Silverstone: "the back is now the front" and so on. Perhaps that is why the old men of F1 couldn't come to grips with the changes and their younger teammates outshone them again. I don't know how the pundits could call that a great race for Schumi when his teammate finished three places ahead of him. I hear it's all relative. Perhaps the layout was also responsible for Button being unable to tell left from right (I know, pot calling the kettle black), I have started knitting him some special L and R gloves.

It all finished with the most excited champagne spraying of the season. Special mention must go to Prince Harry for his costume changes. Lastly, Alonso promises that they will be aggressive and go for the win at every race, so the season looks like it can only get better.

I hope you are all proud that I managed this post without once mentioning hot or cold blown exhausts?

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