Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hungary GP - "Perfect going into the Summer break, let's come back and win them all."

Well I am going to keep this brief, I enjoyed the race for many reasons, so here is one huge Chart of Lust:

  • Massa finally outqualifying Alonso, badly needed for the also-ran Brazilian

  • Cake, Button eulogised about the three he received to celebrate his 200th race, a man after my own heart

  • Umbrella holders, with one arm in a sling and a rainy forecast, it's something I really covet

  • Wet race, so much more exciting, I think I am beginning to agree with Bernie, bring on the sprinklers

  • Fireworks from Heidfeld, continuing the old-school revival

  • No team orders at McLaren, thank you Whitmarsh

  • 88 pit stops, a new record, not sure whether this is good or bad, please post your thoughts

  • Unusual trophy, a nice break from the usual Santander promo merch

  • Hamilton wasn't sulky or bitter, he must have been sent on a PR refresher course

Lastly, I must add a thought on Sky buying the rights to the coverage. Jake opened the qualifying coverage with a joke about pink shirts, as if to say "What do we care about imminent job loss?". If only they'd charged Shell for that extended advert then they could have afforded the complete rights.

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