Monday, 9 July 2012

GB GP - "Great stuff. Another great day for us"

On the Saturday it looked like the race was going to be an cracker: wet weather forecast and Button qualified 18th, going out in Q1, so will be overtaking through the pack.  And didn't we go on and on about the weather.  I would like to point out that Wyld Stallyns and myself sat through a whole race of that weather!  Did anyone give us a medal?

It turned out to be my most disappointing race of the season, which is fairly damning criticism when you consider we have had Valencia.  All you folk who thought Petrov was a bargain, if it looks to good to be true and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Maldonado is turning into the bullied child of this year's class.  I was going to say that he is the new Kobabashi...And Lee MacKenzie, what a stirrer! 

Ultimately McLaren were nowhere and I'm not fully sold that Red Bull deserved that victory.  Webber is definitely being ditched by Red Bull though.  If Ferrari had a better second driver, where would they be right now?

The only person who truly triumphed out of the race is The Pitstop Princess!  I've never led the FF1 league before, although I feel like Alonso, out front right now but for how long can I hold the pack off?


  1. First of all 'Princess' - congrats on your leading the pack and thanks once again for keeping us all informed with the FF1 blog. Now come the reproaches: 'Webber is definitely being ditched by Red Bull though' - careful, with statements like that, the beeb might want you to replace eddie jordan.

    Obviously I have also got to take exception with the comparison between Kobayashi and maldonado - should I go into the reasons why? - it is wrong, and always will be.

    Respectfully - KK.

  2. Firstly, please do not doubt my royal lineage (sp??). I come from a long line of pit lane liggers.

    Yes, Webber stays at Red Bull, all part of my cunning double-bluff plan to ensure they are no good next year either and give the other teams a chance. Webber being "the unluckiest man in F1".

  3. Rubens must have passed some of his, er... 'luck' to him before he left (Rubens never officially said goodbye! :'( ... ) - doesn't seem to be bothering Mark too much lately though... He's gonna make me start believing in him again, before he throws it all away! - it's gonna be painful. KK