Sunday, 22 July 2012

German GP - "Tonight we will party"

It seems where one driver triumphed this race, his team mate disappointed.  Massa continues his concerted efforts to lose his seat at Ferrari, holding up Alonso during qualifying and finishing 12th.  Grosjean felt that the rain came quicker on his car than any other, Raikkonen beginning to show little glimpses of his former self.  Hamilton drove his 100th grand prix and celebrated in his traditional manner of throwing his toys out of the pram, whinging and then finally remembering his PR training for when his helmet comes off.

There was a five second spread over the top ten on the grid, which seems so unusual now.  It didn't seem to make for a topsy turvy race though.  It finished with some on-podium tension between Vettel and Button badly masked through champagne japes and glitter.

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