Wednesday, 31 October 2012

India GP - "Thank you each and everyone one of you, wherever you are"

Can we believe Bernie is 82 years old?  I hope I am still running a billion dollar business when I am that old.  I suppose I shall have to as that will be well below the age required to claim my pension.

Other people were also celebrating this weekend.  Massa had bought himself some new sunglasses to celebrate getting a new contract with Ferrari (!!!???).  Karthikeyan and Force India received more television coverage than they had cumulatively had all season.  Raikkonen is still third in the championship, rumour has it if he succeeds even less and still achieves third in the championship, he might smile.

Every silver lining is another man's cloud though.  Webber's body language on the podium was that of a man unsure where he was on the hangman's scaffold or Grand Prix podium.  Schumacher scored his eighth retirement out of sixteen races.

I leave you with a couple of musings.  Why are we calling "towing" "drafting" now?  Why isn't the atmosphere good in McLaren at the moment and how does Alonso know?

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  1. Alonso knows all is not well at McL because he knows everyone would be on edge due to Sam Michaels' nips being out. See, that's F1 code.

    Also, towing involves a rope, so drafting is correct (it's just a bit NASCAR for us all to take)