Sunday, 7 October 2012

Japan GP - "Yes, baby. Yes, baby."

Following a couple of first corner incidents, the rest of the race was fairly processional.  With the early start, this did mean that dozing off didn't matter so much.  The excitement of those first eight races has wained now.  It was a race for those that needed it though.  Vettel has closed the gap to Alonso in the world championship, Kobayashi may secure his drive at Sauber for next year after getting on the podium and Massa did the same to start his campaign for his Ferrari seat, Schumacher climbed the most places from his grid start, to try and prove that his un-retirement wasn't pointless.  Judging from his qualifying he seems to be getting used to being a slow, Sunday driver ready for his second retirement.

When it was all over, Massa showed how long it has been since he was last on the podium by tripping over it and spilling his champagne.  Grosjean looked like he was about to cry, apparently not crashing "was his objective" and it was a "stupid crash".  A crash nonetheless and ruined what could have been an up, close and pacy race.

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