Sunday, 14 October 2012

Korean GP Banter - "woohoo"

As Jake said when closing the BBC coverage, not a classic race but jiggles up the championship.

It kicked off with Grosjean eating a hefty slice of humble pie but he managed to keep his slate clean during this race.  To keep the crashes coming, Kobabashi returned to old form.  Unfortunately, he took out a couple of drivers who could have made the race interesting.  Instead the only thing that made it interesting was Hulkenberg and feral astroturf.

Going in to the last five races, things have become sadly predictable Schumacher-style, Vettel is going to dominate and everyone else will process along behind him.  Let's home that Webber finally cracks and disobeys team orders, some miraculous new part sends Alonso's Ferrari into warp speed or it rains a lot.


  1. Come on, Vettel...
    --Better the Vettel you know

  2. I don't have any excuses for Kobayashi (and I don't think he has either). Initially I loved him for his daring to overtake the frontrunners - but now his recklessness is overshadowing his talent. He seems a smiley happy-go-lucky guy (having so much money behind you should make you happy) - but to see him smile so much after just taking out 2 superior drivers (Button and Rosberg) gives you an uneasy feeling - I'm sure it make them sick. Haven't analysed it to see if he is purely at fault - but too often Kobi, too often in the tangle...

    I didn't catch the whole of the race - was it thought that Webber backed off on Vettel? - I wouldn't have thought that he would have obeyed team orders at this stage.