Friday, 15 March 2013

2013 Teams

Team            Team Name                                             Driver 1            Driver 2            Chassis             Engine                          Hometrack
Gareth          Scuderia Principe Pitstop                       Raikkonen         Guitierrez         Red Bull            Mercedes                         Bahrain
Lynn              Year of the Tifosi                                      Alonso              Massa              Force India       Ferrari (Sauber)               Monza
David            What Up Bianchi?                                    Vettel               Bianchi             Red Bull            Mercedes (Force India)   Monaco
Claire            The Pitstop Princess                                Alonso              Guitierrez         Red Bull            Renault (Williams)          GB
Adam            Rosberg Benz over Hamilton                 Rosberg            Perez                Mercedes         Mercedes                         China
Ben               I'm gonna come at you like a
                       spider monkey!                                        Raikkonen         Perez                Mercedes         Renault (Williams)        Abu Dhabi
Stephen        I hate Vettel but I want his points        Vettel               Guitierrez         Lotus                 Mercedes                         Singapore
Sue               The Dark Button                                        Hamilton          Hulkenberg      Force India       Mercedes (McLaren)       Brazil
Mark             The Sutil Knife                                           Alonso              Bottas              Red Bull            Toro Rosso (Ferrari)        Spain
Becca            Schumacher's Ghost                                 Button              Bottas              Lotus                 Mercedes                         GB
Jennie           Rowntree's Randoms                               Webber            Sutil                  Lotus                 Ferrari                              Germany
Mike             100% British Beef Horsepower         Hamilton          Di Resta           McLaren           Renault (Williams)           
Laura            Beauty & the F1 Geek                               Vettel               Maldonado       Mercedes         Renault (Williams)          Spain
Joe                Hippy F1                                                      Alonso              Guitierrez         Red Bull            Renault (Williams)          Australia
Phil               Superstars                                                   Vettel               Button              Force India       Ferrari (Toro Rosso)        GB
Malcolm       The Baldy Biker                                         Hamilton          Maldonado       Force India       Mercedes (McLaren)     Germany
John              Still Chewing                                              Hamilton          Sutil                  Ferrari              Mercedes                          
Chris             The Winner Takes Vet Tel                        Vettel               Bianchi             Red Bull            Mercedes (Force India)   India

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting choice of team you have there 'The Winner Takes...', aka 'Better The Vettel...' - for us two - it only comes down to 2 races - India v's Monaco.

    My personal fav team name - 'Rosberg Benz over Hamilton'.

    Good luck all!

    'What Up Bianchi?' - formally 'Kamikaze Kobayashi'.