Sunday, 17 March 2013

Australian GP - "I told you the car was good"

To set the alarm or not to set the alarm, that is the question.  Whether 'tis wetter in Australia than in Britain...  I did get up at 4.30am but we watched the Q2 and 3 first.  It was a cruel Qualifying for Rosberg, he started off mighty and fell and fell during the weekend.  All hopes of a new star dashed.

Hamilton was interviewed by Sky as part of the pre-race package.  When asked whether he was constrained at McLaren he talked about not fitting "into a stale box" and being "more exciting than that".  Apparently he has more to give.  Let's see how he's planning on outdoing getting both his ears pierced, tattooing his whole arm and dating a Pussycat Doll.  Perhaps he should have signed to Red Bull.  First FF1 Team Manager to spot the next sign of non-conformist excitement wins a prize.

It has been said that the race was a classic, I don't think I agree, when you're tired it all seems like a procession.  I'm very pleased that Raikkonen won and lots of teams seem to be contenders, as long as Red Bull are chasing other matadors.

In a new twist to blogging this season, I am going to include the Charts in the main post.  So here goes...


Lotus really making those tyres work


Nico Rosberg having his name on his shoes...hang on, if he could arrange that for all my Primary 1's.
An ornithologists delight - more racing, less birds please Land of Sunshine.
Spot the difference - not only can't I tell the difference between Rosberg and Hamilton but Perez's yellow helmet throws a spanner in the works.
Guitierrez eyebrow.
Pork pie hats on the grid ladies
Bondage reference made by Button to Brundle on the grid
Ricciwho?  I thought there were two Australians competing
Kimi's neck is now wider than his head
Costume change on the podium - just keep the hats on.  It hasn't yet convinced me to open an account with Santander or switch to Vodafone or drink Red Bull or even Capri-Sun

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