Sunday, 24 March 2013

Malaysian GP - "Looked like you wanted it bad enough but there'll be some explaining to do"

Such a lot to talk about this week and sadly most of it based on what happened over the airwaves rather than on track.  It was a weekend of naughty boys.  Raikkonen kicked things off blocking Rosberg during Qually and being penalised three places.  Whilst the close racing between teammates was exciting at the time, the following radio, recrimination, apologies and analysis was out of proportion.  Even in the pantomime villain days of Schumacher, it was shrugged off.  It was tense in the pre-podium prep room and on the podium, a moment that is as much for the fans surely.  Webber blew Red Bull's cover of "multi 21" meaning "hold places" and assuring that his post-F1 career will not be as a spy (and it seems now that that career is looming large on the horizon).  Webber tried manly lunges on the podium to assert some sort of authority and claimed that Vettel "will have protection".  His Dad also felt that the Austrian mafia will be Seb's side.  Webber clearly stated that he felt he won the race.  Meanwhile, Hamilton felt that his third position was Rosberg's.  When did we last see this podium gesturing...  Helmut Marko tried to wave at flying pigs by stating that Mercedes have lead and support drivers.  Ultimately, isn't everyone forgetting that Webber did exactly the same thing to Vettel at Silverstone in 2011.  It's crazy and I doubt that Webber will be supporting Vettel's title challenge later this season.

Ferrari gave the race to Red Bull in the opening laps.  Those who weren't naughty were pretty much silly sausages.  Why wouldn't you bring in a driver whose nose was hanging on by a thread?  Force India also score a mention in this paragraph with the epic fail of their new wheel nuts.  A fault made worse as they double-stacked drivers in the pits.  Toro Rosso were fined 10,000 Euros for releasing Vergne into Pic's path out of his box.  Also, in the pits, Button was released despite one of his mechanics having not signalled that he had finished changing a tyre.  The final silly sausage is Hamilton who drove into the McLaren pit box.  These are all school boy errors - what is happening to F1?

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